Becoming a Wakelet Community Leader

I am delighted to have qualified as a Wakelet Community Leader! In addition to teaching students directly, as part of the computing and edtech work I am involved in I deliver a great deal of formal and informal professional development for educators. I use Wakelet every day. I often incorporate Wakelet into this work, in […]

A Common Approach – a curriculum for vocal and instrumental teaching

I am delighted that I can finally share the revised ‘A Common Approach’ music teaching resource for instrumental and vocal teachers. I have been working as part of the Music Mark steering group for the last six months and as part of this work to both update the content for current educational needs and also […]

New Course: Organise Personal and Work Projects in Microsoft Planner

Easter Break Well Spent! Another school holiday, some lovely family time, but as I often do also time to publish another course. This Easter break I managed to finish recording, edit and publish a course about Microsoft Planner. I’ve wanted to create this course for some time – Planner is such a robust and versatile […]

Review: ‘Leaders Eat Last’

This books is quoted endlessly and banded around so often it has a sort of folklore of its own and makes it seem a ‘must read’ before even opening it. “Returning from work feeling inspired, safe, fulfilled and grateful is a natural human right to which we are all entitled and not a modern luxury […]

Some Computer Science CPD

This week I ran a twilight training session for a local primary school to help them implement the Teach Computing curriculum. I am a big fan of the NCCE’s free scheme of work for many reasons, so evangelising this is not hard. They, like many schools, were feeling under trained for the delivery of the […]