A Common Approach – a curriculum for vocal and instrumental teaching

I am delighted that I can finally share the revised ‘A Common Approach’ music teaching resource for instrumental and vocal teachers. I have been working as part of the Music Mark steering group for the last six months and as part of this work to both update the content for current educational needs and also to consider how it should be translated into a living website rather than a single static document.

The group was comprised of a range of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and creative music teachers, music professionals and music hub leads, working with which was an absolute treat and honour. I feel very lucky to have been able to have this time to work alongside such committed and cable educators, creating with them, but also learning from them.

As a group we not only refreshed the existing material but also added new course content for more recently popular instruments such as ukulele, harp and also a dedicated music technology strand as well. It is now twenty years since the original resource publication, and this refreshed content is now intended to be appropriate for whole-class lessons, small group lessons as well as individual instrumental tuition.

You can find out about the resource as well as access it online at https://www.musicmark.org.uk/a-common-approach/






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