New Course: Organise Personal and Work Projects in Microsoft Planner

Easter Break Well Spent!

Another school holiday, some lovely family time, but as I often do also time to publish another course. This Easter break I managed to finish recording, edit and publish a course about Microsoft Planner.

I’ve wanted to create this course for some time – Planner is such a robust and versatile tool in the Microsoft ecosystem. It integrates with many others, such as Outlook, To Do, Excel and Teams, and can be managed through Teams or using its own settings. It can be used through the browser, through Teams and through mobile apps, and can be extended through use of the Power Platform.

To support those wishing to learn MS Planner I have created a course that starts at the very beginning, introducing Planner from scratch, and then introduces each aspect of the app through different contexts in which it might be used.

Visit the course on SkillShare – and for FREE as part of two weeks free access.

Lessons Learnt

Every course brings new learning for me, and this time I have taken the opportunity to really dig into LumaFusion further and refine my workflows for this. Much of the course is recorded as screen shares, and although with my new M1 Mac Mini I can open the LumaFusion iOS app on this desktop platform, I have found that still using the iPad for the editing of all the content is currently still a vastly more enjoyable process, especially with the apple pencil. I would encourage anyone to look at the M1 Mac Mini as it is an absolute bargain and even on the 8GB RAM base model (as I have) it multitasks beautifully and I have yet to see it really straining to keep up. I also still hold a long held opinion that there just aren’t that many people that really need an iPad Pro – the standard iPad is an excellent daily driver just the same, and although there is no doubt that the Apple Pencil 2, and the pro keyboard add to the pleasure of use, unless you truly need the increase in screen size of either pro model, almost all but the heaviest of processing tasks can be done equally well with the standard iPad and Apple Pencil 1. I would however definitely recommend an upgrade to the Logitech Keyboard case for the quality of the keys it offers.

Course Description

Welcome to my course on managing personal and team tasks with Microsoft Planner. As the title says, we are going to learn to organise life and work using Microsoft’s modern team task manager tool. You need an organisation or education M365 account at least, so that you have Planner in your subscription. Planner is then available for any browser as well as mobile apps. In this course I will teach you to use all of them together, and in my usual way, to stay productive and organised no matter where or when you are thinking about being productive. This modern approach to multi-device strategy allows you to remain productive wherever you are. I also draw on a range of different situations that teams and individuals may need to use Planner within, and outline routines and systems that can support each use case.

This means the course will take you from total novice through to competent and confident and along the way show you a wide range of situations where Planner can be used.

We will cover:

  • Organising task buckets (lists), grouping tasks…
  • Adding text, images, deadlines, notes, etc to tasks
  • Utilising the browser and mobile versions
  • Tags, buckets, filters, grouping for true custom use and views
  • Integrating with other Office tools
  • Sharing Plans and assigning tasks to others
  • Chart and schedule views for overviewing your commitments

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Visit the course on SkillShare – and for FREE as part of two weeks free access.

Or view all my courses on the courses page.






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