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How to Organise EVERYTHING in OneNote

Title image of the course

Hi guys, and welcome to my SkillShare course on mastering OneNote. As the title says, we are going to learn to organise EVERYTHING (or at least anything, if that’s a little bold 😉 ) in OneNote. This means the course will take you from total novice through to competent and confident and along the way show you a wide range of situations where OneNote can be used.

Rather than going ‘menu-by-menu’ through the application, we will explore different contexts. We will use my example notebook which you are welcome to open and copy content and ideas from. By doing this we will learn the various editing, formatting and content tools that make OneNote brilliant, in an example of their best use. As such, some of the projects I show might not be your thing, but I’m sure the tools you take from it will be.

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