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DK FindOut!

'FindOut!' is a website by Dorling Kindersley that takes much of their children's non-fiction printed material and shows it in a more interactive, online way.

Price: Free

Platforms: Website

School Year:
Upper KS1 - Lower KS2 


Knowledge construction
ICT to Build Learning
Research and Digital Literacy

Computing and IT
Online Safety

The website is organised by topics based on some common primary school subjects (such as poetry, geography, musical instruments) and topics (such as Africa, The Romans, Volcanoes).

Who is it best for?
The site is most suited to upper KS1 and lower KS2 pupils, due to its simple clear navigation, limited content, but excellent precise descriptions and diagrams. The interactive video and quiz content for each topic is good and allows learners to test their knowledge as well as watch similar content to the written material. Diagrams have a minimal text as a barrier, and the summary paragraphs are equally concise. For this reason younger learners would not be put off by the text content.

How does it support learning?
This is an excellent site for visual learners and those not comfortable with large quantities of text. The diagrams all have interactive links that display extra information or label parts, and the content is presented in an easily navigable format. There is also a place for this site as a good revision source due to the clear and concise format of the information. When teaching pupils safe behaviours around browsing and checking the validity of facts found online, this is definitely a good go-to fact checking source when teaching pupils to triangulate accuracy of information with more than one source.

Clear, concise text, excellent interactive diagrams
Limited content currently, Some videos hosted in YouTube, which way be filtered in school

Bottom Line
There is limited content and some subjects are omitted completely maybe the site is still growing?), but what is there is clear, accurate and very pupil friendly. As a second or third source to check accuracy it is very quick to find information, and the videos are well presented.


7Overall7Engagement6Skills or Knowledge Building6Scaffold to Learning7User Interface7Cost

Last modification: Fri 7 Apr 2017